February 25, 2014

Video games( MondayTalk #7)

You might have noticed that for the first time in two months I haven't put a blog post up on Monday. I was meant to write it on Sunday night but an interesting thing happened...I bought Sims 3. And anything and everything was put on hold.

Last week was the first week of the second semester. It was such a busy and a bit stressful experience. I have, yet again 7 courses, I have to do a three week internship which will be evaluated and I will get a grade on. Also some of my professors are not on the same page as me in terms of my future plans. I do have some really awesome ones that start to tear us apart to build us up again. I do genuinely appreciate those types of professors more.

Other than that, there was a party on Thursday which was a lot of fun. I had a chance to unwind and let my hair down, dance with my girls and also catch up with friend. I did wash down a number of beers but it was all in the name of good fun. After the party ended I went on a walk with my best friend and waited, like true ladies for the subway and buses to star their schedules. I did have a pizza when I got home, but again, all in the name of not starving myself and in good fun.

This week I have to start on my projects. I have 6 projects these term and they are hard stuff. I can estimate I will have to write a 30 page paper on a macroeconomic subject, a 15 page paper on an entrepreneur and a combined number of  5000 code lines for the other 4 projects. And the code part we are doing it in teams and I will have some help. It is still a lot of work for just 11 weeks of school, now just 10 weeks.

That's about it for tonight. Uploading program will be resumed to normal as of today and tomorrow. I do hope I can keep it up because it is actually really fun doing blog posts. I get to put all of my knowledge in one place and have kind of a weekly diary type post which is fun!

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