February 18, 2014

Easy crepe recipe (RecipeTuesday #7)

Crepes are one of my favorite things to eat. Either for breakfast or just dessert. I find it odd that most people eat american pancakes. I don't associate them necessarily with pancakes. As someone from Europe, my version of pancakes are crepes. Thin, elegant, light, delicious.

This is my grandmothers easy and healthy recipe for crepes. I do indeed enjoy eating them as often as I can(even as a midnight snack).

What you need:

What you do:

This is such an easy and quick recipe. Even a 5 year old could do! I love to fill mine with cottage cheese, but that is just me. Some people like nutella or jam as a filling. I feel bad to admit that sometimes I eat them with sugar. These recipe makes 10 pancakes but only 4 survived for the picture. I like eating them straight out of the pan.

Good points
Low in sodium
High in selenium
Very high in vitamin B6

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