February 3, 2014

End of exam season(MondayTalk #4)

The end of my exams is near! I only have 2 left(which aren't the most easy but oh well!). 7 is A  LOT of exam to take in 2.5 weeks. I hate it how even if I don't find a subject useful I still have to take it and get a honorable grade.

I don't know what to do with myself after this period  is over. I have a week break between the semester so I will have time to regroup and refocus. The bad part about starting the second semester is that I have mandatory practice hours at a company in my area of future expertise and we have to figure things out ourselves. There is no program that can help us with an internship or anything so pretty much I have to go to interviews and put my resume out there. That should be fun...I hope I won't be that stressed.

So I told you at the beginning of these blog posts that I thought that the exam season is the perfect excuse to start a healthy lifestyle. Boooy, I did not talk into account the stress I am going to be put under. The snacking wasn't a problem, I ate pretty good at home, I even skipped meals because I was concentrated on my studying and I wasn't burning a lot of fuel so my body didn't really needed that much. The bad part is that I have gone from working out every day to maybe once a week(thank God at least for the FitWednesday posts). So that isn't too good.

Another thing that I have notices is that by the end of any exam (I don't eat until I have taken the exam) my body is in the same time hungry and also craving beer. Don't know whats up with that, maybe the alcohol numbs me. And I don't have early exams, most of them are at 1pm so I don't really eat. After the exam I drink a beer and then I eat like there is no tomorrow either pizza or pasta anything carb loaded. And then I don't eat for the rest of the day. That isn't healthy but I make myself think that it is ok since I only do it because of the exam.

I can't wait for the 7th of February to roll around and be done with all this chaos! I will have a clean sleight next semester and maybe do more studying during as opposed to at the end of it. I want to get back to working out every day and also I am thinking of joining a climbing gym. I think it's an active thing to do and maybe it will get me moving more and get a better grip.

This is the end of my rambling! I think it's enough. At the beginning of the post I had somewhat of a writers block. I didn't know what subject to cover, I was undecided and kind of on the fence with this post. I don't what to put something up just because I need to, I want to want to! I use a technique that my English teacher thought us. Basically I write anything and everything my mind can produce (it's called continuous flow) and after reading all of the madness from above I slap the title on. Apparently I worry about not giving exams, well I guess that's a thing.

Ok, now I'm really done!   

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