February 4, 2014

Cocoa and cinnamon muffins (RecipeTuesday #5)

Oats are my favorite thing ever so of course when I think of a dessert I think of something with oats. Today I wanted some fun muffins to eat with my afternoon tea so I wiped up this recipe in no more then 20 minutes!

What you need:

What you do:

And you are done. These muffins are so good and healthy that you could eat them for breakfast, dessert, tea or even in between meals! They are easy and quick to make, they don't require complicated, hard to find ingredients and are very yummy! What more could you want?

Good points
No cholesterol
Very low in sodium
High in calcium
Very high in dietary fiber
High in iron
Very high in manganese
High in magnesium
Very high in phosphorus
High in potassium
Very high in vitamin B6
High in vitamin C

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