February 7, 2014

Beat the blues (FactFriday #5)

Every once in a while everyone gets a bit down and not so motivated to go on. Believe it or not there are foods out there that can help you not feel so blue and down.

The thing that we should understand is that we should not stuff our faces just because we are sad. In no way shape or form am I suggesting to go out, buy a ton of junk food and sit in a dark corner and eat your feelings. These are just mood boosting snacks that can help but food is not an answer.

1. Chocolate helps with STRESS! Not only does chocolate taste divine but it can also help with stress. Opt for dark chocolate because it is jam packed with antioxidants.

2. Salmon is great for anxiety. Because I have been in the finals period of the school year, I have a fair amount of stress. Salmon is wonderful way to calm oneself.

3. If you are angry, green tea is the way to go. It is full of antioxidants and it helps calm your nerves.

4. If your feeling sluggish, spinach is wonderful. It gives you a midday energy boost, it tastes wonderful and it is healthy.

5. Berries help with crankiness. Eating a handful of blueberries will give you body a big dose of antioxidants, which will keep your neural pathways running smoothly, promoting positive energy.

6. Eating cereal makes you happier. For those downer days when you need a little happiness boost, a bowl of healthy cereal and milk can do just the trick. Sometimes we get sad because our bodies aren’t getting the right vitamins. Vitamin D, which is in milk and healthy cereals.

7. Eggs are an aid kit for PMS-ing! Eggs have happiness-boosting nutrients, and healthy carbs like whole grain breads are a healthy way to replace your cravings for bagels and chips.

8. Oranges are good if you feel ornery. This citrus fruit is packed with nutrients and vitamin C, which helps to pump oxygen through your body to your brain. The citric acid will also recharge your system.

9. Chicken soup calms your worries. A hearty bowl of chicken soup with veggies has the water-fiber-protein trifecta that fills you up before it fills you out.

10. PB&J is wonderful if you feel unsettled. Peanut butter and jelly on a half an English muffin is a comforting snack that actually helps to raise your levels of serotonin, the brain’s natural antidepressant. 

So when ever you are feeling the blues, remember that there is a food out there that can help not only feel you up but also boost your mood!

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