February 12, 2014

15 minute crush! (FitWednesday #6)

Time is of the essence. I would rather prefer learning something useful or reading or watching a dumb TV show than work out. But in life, you have to work hard for everything and anything you have and health is no exception. I have been on a break for so long with all the commotion  at college with finals and learning that I missed a lot of workout days.

That didn't spot me get back on the horse when I finished all of the madness and I am a bit disappointed that I did not make more time to do something that I start hard but by the end of it I want more. That is an odd thing about working out on a regular basis. You dread starting the workout and by the end of the hour you are pumped for more!

This is a quick 15 minute workout that maybe will leave you wanting more but sure enough it is good for busy days so that you get some exercise in and feel accomplished.

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