February 10, 2014

End of finals! (MondayTalk #5)

I had my last exam on friday and I went on an end of the semester party ever, and boy I sure blew some steam. It was a long and hard period, way harder than the first two semesters of college. Oh well! I am glad it is over, I didn't fail any of my classes and I have a week to regroup and take a rest.

This week, I am sure of it, will go by like nothing! But I am determined to do something that relaxes me and not just sit on my ass all day. Today I painted for the first time in 4 years and it felt so good. I almost forgot how to hold a paint brush. But the end result was a simple but very cute tree. I love painting nature just because I have more freedom. Also I draw a samurai looking armor. I felt inspired by the last episode of Teen Wolf. I felt so good and relaxed and in my element. I sure enough have to go out and buy more drawing pencils, I don't know how I misplaced mine.

Another thing I want to do this week is study for my drivers license test. I have a whole book that I have to go through. I have learnt all of it once but with the winter break and the finals for college after finishing my driving lessons, I didn't have time to study and take the test. This week I want to tackle that. I love to drive and the exam, if I study, is easy so that shouldn't be a problem.

Another thing that I must do this week is lose at least 4 pounds. My fitness routine, as I said in a previous post has gone to once a week which in turn meant me not loosing any weight and not actually getting in shape. I definitely want to be in shape for summer, especially when I want to go to the sea side as soon as the second semester finals are over. I want to look good. Also my student ONG is planing on organizing a summer camp type of thing and I sure as hell don't want to look like a doughnut!

That's about it for this post. I love not being stress and having a break from all of the college stuff. It is like a breath of fresh air. Until next time!

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