January 24, 2014

Tea bags! (FactFriday #3)

If like me, you are a tea drinker you might experience the same syndrome: Not wanting to let go of a tea bag. Well, after some research, I have found some ways to reuse the lovely pouches of wonderful ingredients!

Here are some of the ways you can recycle the bags!:

  • Relieve tired eyes. Soak two tea bags in warm water and place them over your closed eyes for 20 minutes. After that you are as good as new! 

  • Make you hair nice and shiny! Yes you can do that with just a couple of used tea bags. Soak the used tea bags in water and give your hair a wash. Not only will it make your hair liveliness but if you have a couple of grey hairs, they will be gone!

  • Natural toner. Tea is a natural astringent so if you wipe the tea bag on your face and then pat it dry it will act as a grease eliminator. 

  • Glowing skin. Put a couple of used green tea bag in your bath water. This you give a healthy glow to the skin.

  • Save a broken fingernail. To salvage a partially broken fingernail, use a piece of mesh tea bag to create a splint between the nail and the broken piece.Then apply nail polish!
  • Cure acne! Put a used tea bag back in water then wash your face with it. You will see results in 7 days.

  • Stop the minor bleeding. Dunk a black tea bag in hot water and hold it against the injury for 30 seconds. The tannins in the tea will quickly clot the blood so you can cover the cut with a bandage.

Even if you are not an avid tea drinker but like to indulge once in a while in a lovely cup of tea, remember to same the bag. You never know how it will come in handy! 

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