January 15, 2014

Lazy day workout (FitWednesday #2)

We all have those day were working out is the last thing on our mind. We are tired, we are cranky, we are bored or just not feeling it. Those are the most important days TO move. We shouldn't embrace the laziness and let it ruin everything we worked for up until that point. Because some exercise is more important than none, I have made a lazy day workout!

Remember how I was talking about having that one day in which we are just not moving and grooving, and because of that we end up not working out for weeks? Well this workout is simple, quick but still will make you sweat it out.

Even when we have those lazy days, we should be active at least 30 minutes. You can do this workout (which doesn't take more than 10 minutes). Maybe after doing this you will get more motivated to do a hard core 60 minute workout. Until then, this is a great place to start and will ensure a minimum of movement.

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