October 12, 2011


Friends are such an important part of anyone's life. Humans are social beings and can't survive in a isolated environment. We feed off of human emotions more than off of food. Our entire existence depends on them.

Picture this: a young girl in the middle of the desert, all alone. With no guidance or anyone to talk to, she will basically become an animal, dominated by her instincts rather than her judgement.
My point to all this is that we need friends and best friends. But how do you know when someone is really a friend? I made a "short" list with things real friends do for you without any reason:
-stay with you on the phone when you are alone and don't feel like listening to music
-know without asking when you need a hug
-say that they love you, no matter how gay it may sound
-stay with you on the phone when you are crying because you got in a fight with your dad
-stay till 4a.m just to put you in your place, cuz boooy, you really needed that
-stick to plans no matter how sick they might be
-hug you when you're crying over stupid things and don't even judge you
-be there when you most need them, even if they don't like it(physics presentations)
-give you a reason to smile when the whole world seems to be against you
-listen to a song 100 times just because you like it
-make you coffee after a wild night
-take the drink out of your hand when sober doesn't best describe you
-remember each and every boy name that ever crossed your lips
-nick-name the boys you like just so you can talk freely on the school halls about them
-bring you home when you feel sick even if it's your own damn fault!
-correct your English essays
-actually listen to what you say and try to understand no matter how random you might be
-not question when you urge them to come with you
-share their last biscuit just because you forget your food on the kitchen table
-not get angry when you get a 10 on their homework
-read your blog even if their not really interested in what you might have to say:)))
True friends are a God given gift and we must cherish them no matter what. I love my best friends and i would do anything and everything for them and I know they would do the same for me. I will always go that extra mile if they need me.

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